NetStat Agent

NetStat Agent 3.5

A toolkit that includes tools like netstat, ping, traceroute, ipconfig, etc.
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NetStat Agent is a suite of advanced network tools. As its name suggests, the application has a netstat tool. The tool is present in all Windows systems, but NetStat Agent gives it a graphical interface. You can see all the connections that are open in your system, be they incoming or outgoing. You can also sort them in many different ways, like by protocol, local address, remote address, etc. When there are connections to the outside of your network, you will even be able to ping, trace, and whois those connections. And NetStat Agent can even automatically do that and display the country from where the connection originates.

There are several other tools in this suite other than netstat. The statistics window shows a lot of information about your network activity. You can even group the activity by interface, TCP, UDP, IP, or ICMP. I like the IP Config feature, which shows all the settings for your network adapters and interfaces. I was unable to change anything, but that could be a trial limitation.

The rest of the features are ARP, DNS Query, IP Routes, Ping, Tracer, Whois and HTTP Checker. All those have nice graphical interfaces, they reload data automatically and can even create reports that you can save or print.

José Fernández
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